6a010536babee3970c012875f26436970c In my last post I explained why many recruiting plans fail.  This week I give  you a solid outline to build your plan for 2010.

In the next few days I challenge you to start setting objectives for next year.  What do you want your business to look like on December 31st 2010?  What EXACTLY did you accomplish?

Here are the recommended steps I would take right NOW:

1) Define your revenue target for 2010?  Exactly.  Don’t even say one million bucks,… that tells me you didn’t think it through.

  • How many placements EXACTLY is that number?
  • How many first time interviews EXACTLY is that number?
  • How many interviews per week do you need to get EXACTLY to hit your revenue target?
  • How many people do you need and in what roles to hit your target?

    2) What is your hiring plan?

  • When do they start?
  • When are they producing?
  • What role are they playing?
  • How will you onboard them to increase the likelihood of success?
  • What is your accountability structure?

3) What new markets (if any) are you going to develop in 2010?

  • When is the research done?
  • When is the person hired to do this?

4) What is your training and recruiter/personnel development plan?

  • What conferences are you attending and what is the outcome goal of each one?
  • What training products do you already have that you can use and how and when will you use them?  What is the outcome SPECIFICALLY of one of your recruiters having gone through this?
  • What specific plan do you have to reinvest in yourself to develop your business?  What weaknesses need to be developed?
  • What strengths need to be leveraged?

5) What strategic elements are you implementing to motivate and retain your big billers and tenured recruiters?

  • What expanded role can they play that takes some of the burden off of you and also increases the reward and challenge to them?
  •  What contests and incentives can you implement to get them motivated for 2010?

    Guys and gals, I could keep going.  However, from my experience these are the KEY elements of a successful plan.  Spend-delete that word-INVEST some quiet time that YOU SCHEDULE like any other appointment to think through the answers.  Furthermore, don’t try and get all the answers in one sitting.  Start with general answers that will build around your lifestyle, desires and earnings goals and then drill down.

    My experience with the best plans is that they are the ones that are very specific with timed benchmarks and execution dates.  Have fun with this!  It’s your business.  It’s your life!  What SPECIFICALLY do you want it to look like?