6a010536babee3970c0147e2f8df0b970b Today I interviewed Doug Beabout and Pat Scopelliti, 2 fantasitic people and recruiting trainers.  Each were asked to “leak” 2 secrets they will be sharing at the 2nd Annual Recruiting Firm Owner Summit taking place from March 8th thur 11th 2011.

Just a quick summary of the Gold they leaked!  Doug dropped an industry that was dying in late 2010 and started 2 new desks late last year and is billing thousands in these new specialties already!  You can access the whole call HERE.

Doug shares that we need to approach Gen X and Gen Y hiring managers very differently than we have approached the baby boom managers.  He also shares details on  the pending candidate shortage that has already really started.

Pasquale Scopelliti leaked a secret on how to double your performance.  The first key is to change your expectations.  As an example Pat references the great runner Roger Bannister.  Prior to Roger breaking the 4 minute mile barrier, it was assumed it could NEVER be done!  After he broke the barrier, several other runners were breaking the 4 minute barrier…. within MONTHS?  Why?  because it was possible!  Recruiters, listen to the whole call here to get more.

You may be reading this post after March 8th, 2011.  If however you go to www.TheRecruitingFirmOwnerSummit.com and enroll in the training you will find all the calls are recorded and you can download all 12 sessions!  Build an instant Library and learn the newest ideas that will generate revenue NOW!