I am just coming back from Las Vegas where I spent a day one-on-one with my coach.  In those hours we spent together so many opportunities that were right in front of me made themselves apparent instantly. Keep in mind, I have invested a huge sum in this individual and while I have pages of notes of new ideas to implement to add value to my clients, he gave me one line, one simple idea that paid for my entire year of coaching.

That is the power of strong mentoring.  The value of getting a few implementable ideas NOW vs. waiting years and putting in a ton of hard work to discover them on your own.  I can’t stress the value of having a strong coach and mentor for any business person.  You can see a directory of coaches at CoachU.

What’s the main objection I hear from recruiting firm owners regarding finding a coach or mentor?  “I can’t afford it right now.”  If you had the solution you wouldn’t be where you are at right now financially!  Anyway, I already ranted about this a couple of posts below.

Here are some key lessons I took from my one day of coaching:

  • Avoid negative “triggers” when talking with prospects.  Words like buy, cost, sell, and purchase will work against you in the client building stage.  Use a word like invest instead.
  • Position benefits on value as it relates to your fee.  i.e. “If this person has one good idea that saves you $25,000 they have paid my fee and yet you have the candidate for years!”
  • Think of every reason a client won’t engage you as a recruiter and be prepared to address it when the situation arises.  Script this out, do not leave it to chance!

Those are just 3 easy ideas that I can directly relate back to the running of my recruiting firm and share with you.  Do you have any you want to add to the list?  Please enter them in the comments box below.