6a010536babee3970c0162fd230f2f970d Here are some quick tips I picked up from Bob Marshall’s presentation at the Fordyce Forum 2 in early June:

According to Bob here are 3 traits of Million Dollar Billers:

1) Recruiting Big billers do the same things as average billers, they just do SIGNIFICANTLY MORE of these activities.  Sure this is NOT rocket science, but often the simplest ideas are the easiest to implement!.

You see 2 things kick in here.  a) the “law of recruiting metrics”.  The more prospects and candidates you are exposed to the more likely you will find companies that are hiring and candidates that are great fits for your assignments.

b) Here is the key point that most overlook.

By having significantly more conversations, they get significantly more PRACTICE!  Not only are they getting more practice, they are more likely to “study” and analyze what worked on the call and what didn’t so they can alter their behavior on the next recruiting call(s).2) Big Billers have higher quality conversations and a higher quality recruiting process.  Why?  first, see point “b” above… they have more practice.

Also, they are highly focused on the NEEDS of the party they are speaking with and not the needs of the moment in the transaction!  They ask more and better questions and avoid statements like “I need to know….”  (who cares what YOU need?)  or “I would like to tell you…”  again, who cares!  Ask questions!!!

3) Big Billers KNOW they will be successful recruiters.  OK, your thinking no s*&% Sherlock!  Here is the key.  Average billers often invest an inordinate about of time and energy questioning their ability and/or desire to be outstanding in this business.  Since Big Billers manufacture an attitude of confidence they can simply execute rather than re-negotiate their planning/activity/mood each and every day.

Do Big Billers have doubts and fears?  OF COURSE!  However, they are less likely to wallow in rejection or inactivity.  Since they KNOW they will be successful, disappointing calls, turned down offers, etc. are simply viewed as temporary setbacks not something that will alter the earth on its axis!

In sum, Big Billers are students of recruiter training.  They learn from the University of “I messed UP”. Average billers are sometimes victims who point fingers at clients and candidates as the source of their woes.  To improve your results when things don’t go your way ask “What was it in me (my presentation, mgt of the process, questioning, etc.) that caused this result?

The answer and the cumulative effect of constantly answering the question will add hundreds of thousands if not millions to your life time billings!