I found this online and loved it! While it is very funny, it reminds me that we as recruiters still do many things the same way we did them 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. We ask candidates “What are your accomplishments?, … Your duties?”, etc. Don’t you think candidates are ready when you ask these questions?

I challenge you up your game in challenging your candidates. Ask questions like “If I called your boss from your last job, what are the top 3 things he/she would say you accomplished?” Also, “what would be 2 things they said you really messed up? Why? What would they say you learned from it?”

You see putting questions in the third person takes them off their programmed game with you and you tend to get more honest and deeper answers. If you get the same old canned responses, say something like “C’mon, your boss would REALLY say that??”

Look at some of the questions you ask and find alternate, more strategic ways to ask the questions. Its a simple excercise… even a caveman could do it!