6a010536babee3970c01156e775c3b970c We are recruiters, why do we not recruit?  Some of you may.  My experience is most recruiting firms do not.  It is like the old saying, “the tailor’s son has no clothes.”  This blows me away because there are some phenomenal targets to recruit out of out there right now.  Professions like mortgage brokerage, investment houses, low end brokers, people that are in these brokerage firms that started in the last couple of years.  They are making a ton of cold phone calls.  We used to do some recruiting of financial advisors; it takes a long time to build a book of business. It takes actually a lot longer to get started in financial services than it does in the recruiting profession.

Another source to consider is car dealers, not the used car dealers, but we found and hired over the years, very bright and intelligent people by physically visiting car dealers.  Retailers are another great source for people.  And you can not just advertise for them because it is just like we know as recruiters, the best people are not looking.  I recommend physically visiting smaller retailers and identifying people who are managers or assistant managers.  Play the role of the customer and see if they have the personality traits, customer empathy, etc. that you would like to see in a strong recruiter.  If they do, put your recruiter hat on and position your opportunity.  We know people in the retail industry have to put in tons of hours and many have to work weekends and holidays.

Investment houses and brokerage firms are another great source.   This profession is mostly individuals that are publicly registered, whose names are relatively available.

Copier reps are another fruitful source.  Their products are

so commoditized today it is hard for them to differentiate themselves.   There are several people in a relatively small market area selling Canon, Sharp, Toshiba, etc.  They are trying to sell, based on service, but really, that is a highly price sensitive market.

Once you start creating your targets I would suggest that you do is you put these people in a separate database.  No matter what database you have, simply create a database of local candidates for your job.  This is no different than any other database you would create in one of your desk specialties.

If advertising by itself worked so well, their would be no recruiting profession!!! Physician heal thyself.

What strategies are you using?  Post them below!