In tough economic times it is completely understandable that we as recruiting firm owners become more fiscally vigilant.  Every dollar that goes out needs to be justified more than ever.  We need to see a quick return on investment AND we need to lower costs. I believe we can all agree on that.

As an industry speaker, trainer and coach what I am about to write is going to sound self-serving.  I admit that.  But I need to ask the question that burns in my head anyway… Why in heck then are owners cutting back on training?  The way I see it, each dollar invested in my firm in training yields at least $10 back in just a couple of months.  This depends on one simple thing.  That is that you IMPLEMENT something from the training.  It’s that simple.

Many associations are reporting lower attendance at their meetings when, in my opinion, just the opposite should be true. Now is the time to sharpen skills.  Each potential job order and placement are more crucial than ever.  You need to maximize the likelihood of getting them.  What do you think?Please, write your take on this below….

The typical lament I hear is that people can’t afford it.  Or, they feel they can’t afford the time away from their recruitment firm. Rubbish!!!  I would bet a Morton’s steak dinner that most that “can’t afford it” have someone milking a draw and benefits at atrociously low activity levels in their office right now.  They can “afford” that $3,000 MONTHLY expense, which often times they will never recover, but not a few hundred dollars to attend a conference that could add a few techniques to add $20,000 to $200,000 in revenues to the firm.

Last week I had a conversation with someone interested in being a coaching client of mine.  He needed help “righting his ship” in his words.  Based on our discussion, the solution was obvious to me.  He was making very common mistakes.  I gave him a brief outline of what we would accomplish working together.  I could see a clear path to adding at least $250,000 to his recruiting firm this year, even in a troubled economy.  The investment on his part; a few thousand dollars spread over several months.  His response?  He couldn’t afford it.  He wants to work with me when he “saves up enough cash”.

Does this make sense to you?  It’s like saying, “I’ll start excercising and eating right after I lose 10 lbs.” By the way, he had a couple of weak performers which are costing him a ton each month, he can afford them.  For those of you rolling your eyes thinking I was disappointed not getting a client, you miss the point.  I have a full client list (actually 2 over my self-imposed limit).  I felt compelled to take him on to get him on track.

Guys and Gals, there are a number of great trainers out there with some really good stuff.  INVEST in it. Key word: INVEST!  I view good solid training at buying money at a discount.  That means I buy as much as I can, because every time I invest in good training I get my investment back 10 to thousands fold! What do YOU think?  Please post your thoughts below…