6a010536babee3970c011168663d3b970c When I begin working with a new recruiting firm owner as a client I have an elaborate 3 page questionnaire that gives me a tremendous amount of information to help them in their business.  One of the the last questions I ask is “How will you know if the coaching was successful?”  I just got back one of my newest client’s forms and he had in bold caps in answer to that question “I will HATE you!”

After laughing my butt off, I fully understood what he meant.  He wanted to be pushed, he wanted to be challenged and he wanted to go well outside of his comfort zone in his recruiting business.  I love that type of challenge and truly appreciated his candor.

We had a great first session.  Based on my assessment he was playing “small” on his business plan and I really pushed here… and the hate process began! 🙂  However, I am confident he’ll add another 6 figures plus in profits to his recruitment firm this year because he is open to playing a bigger game.

Are you playing small in your business? Are you letting the economy dictate where your business will be at the end of the year or are you putting a stake in the ground and carving out your piece of recruiting revenue and market share?  To be a million dollar firm, which is almost twice the size of the industry average, you probably only need between 40 and 50 placements out of the millions of hires that will be made.  I don’t care how bad the economy gets.  With hard work any recruiting team can uncover 50 placements over 12 months IF THEY CHOOSE to!