Today I interviewed recruiting industry legend, Bob Marshall on How to add a new industry specialty to your office and Neil Lebovits on how to use the internet to market your recruiting business and have those who hire reach out to you with their openings.

You can listen to the entire 35 minute call here,no registration, no strings attached.  It’s that good!  You can also download the audio in MP3 if you like.

Here are a few tips Neil shared on Internet Marketing:

The traditional web site we all have developed is largely ineffective because most visitors don’t buy or call you when and if they find your site.  To convert these visitors you want to “capture” their email addresses on your website by giving them a free special report, a free video or audio training.

Once you capture their email address you can then market to them via email to stay in touch with them and establish yourself as an industry expert in your niche.  An example of what a page like this would look like is my site . This is a strategy to get you in front of people in your niche continuously.  For more details,listen to the call.

Here are a few of the tips Bob Marshall shared on establishing a new industry specialty:

Bob told us that 80% of our business comes from 20% or fewer of your clients and that you need to evolve to “power broker” status to become a big biller in that niche.  Here’s a few of the steps you need to take to start down the road of becoming a power broker in your recruiting niche:

  • Learn EXACTLY how many companies are in your new niche.
  • Start with many companies and later narrow the funnel after qualifying who is a match.
  • Bob’s research shows that a big biller will have about 4% of their defined niche as clients.
  • Cycle through your recruiting niche at least once per quarter, meaning you should have a LIVE conversation with each hiring manager in your space at least once per quarter.
  • Don’t focus on the 96% that don’t need and want you, get thru them quickly to find the ripe fruit of the 4% that DO need you.

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