It’s April and the year is one-quarter over. Time flies!

If you have been reading my articles for awhile you know the importance I place on tracking numbers because, when done properly, they can accurately forecast revenue and show you who on your team will make it and who will not.

Tracking key recruiting activity numbers allows you to course correct almost immediately.  My recommendation for you today, is to pull out your 2009 business plan and take an honest assessment of where you are at year to date vs. where you WANTED to be at now.

If you are not tracking job orders, first time interviews, marketing presentations, and recruiting presentations at an absolute minimum, it will be a little challenging to course correct quickly.  My challenge to you is to start tracking these TODAY if you haven’t done it.  You can’t change yesterday, only NOW.

My benchmark is 75 NEW LIVE presentations per week per recruiter.  That is combined marketing and recruiting presentations and does NOT include voicemails.

If you are tracking numbers and your recruiting team falls well below that number, it is time to raise the bar.  If the recruiter can’t get there AND they are not billing, get rid of them before they drain more precious cash.  If they can get to that number AND improve their skill, you probably have a winner. Invest more in their recruiter training.

My recruiting firm owner clients that have implemented this one simple strategy of 75 presentations per week MINIMUM are seeing dramatic improvements to their results.  Job Orders are UP, Interviews are UP and guess what else is up?  Yep! Placements.

If this concept makes sense and you want to take it deeper with a step-by-step implementation system that will raise productivity with your existing team I invite you to invest risk free in the program.  No other system exists like it on the market today. Check it out