6a010536babee3970c0120a62513b3970c-120wi I have recently returned from a “mini” west coast tour having spoken at the California Staffing Professionals Retreat (see post below) then flying to Palm Springs, CA for a “master mind” meeting  with a group of about 15 other trainers, authors, speakers and coaches.  None of these were from the recruiting industry.

You might be wondering what I get from a meeting of people NOT from the recruiting industry.  Good question!  First, Napoleon Hill’s research indicates being part of a mastermind group is one of the key priciples of success based on his interviews with over 500 extremely wealthy and successful people.

Second, from these meetings I bring innovative ways to market your business and innovative ways to BUILD your busness from outside the recruiting industry.  While our industry has many great trainers and speakers, most focus on “desk level” or recruiting technique.  I am looking for ideas on helping recruiting firm owners grow their business outside of some of the models that have existed since the 1960’s.For example, one of the key concepts I see missing from many recruiting firms today is the concept of leverage.  Every time we hire we seem to recreate the wheel and train a new recruiter on EVERY aspect of the business inside the first month we hire them.  I haven’t done this since 1995.  That’s why I have time to coach other owners, write this blog in the middle of the afternoon and leave here today at 4pm to coach my son’s little league team.

I got some great ideas from this incredible group of entrepreneurs on marketing a recruiting firm via non-traditional methods that I will be sharing with my coaching clients.  I INVEST on ton of money in myself every year and I am not giving these gems of ideas away to everyone.  I will, hovever, leave you with this one quote from one of the group members that hit home with me:

If you don’t have the time to do it right, how do you have the time to do it over?”