6a010536babee3970c012876a71ac3970c For most recruiting firm owners, 2009 sucked!  Well it’s over.  Dead, buried!  The stock market opened today with an almost 2% up day on strong reports of expansion in manufacturing.  We all startat ZERO  again this week.

So what are you going to do differently?  What commitments are you prepared to make to yourself and your recruiting team this year that you will actually STICK with for the balance of the year?

Let’s face it, this business can get very boring after a few years if you don’t push yourself a bit.  I believe the first step is a strong vision.  You can read about how to build a strong vision here.  The second step is taking the elements of that vision and creating a plan based on strong recruiting metrics.

What?  You don’t track your numbers?  If you don’t track your numbers you will NEVER have a sustainable, scalable recruiting business, you will have a recruiting practice. I can’t say it any more bluntly than that.  The good news is that you can CHOOSE to start tracking numbers now.  Here’s some ideas on how and why.

If you are doing 1 and 2 above, pick one thing to focus on implementing this month.  That’s it… ONE thing.  Get it into your recruiting business.  Get this strategy and/or tactic operational before you move on to the next thing.

If you have several ideas, save them for February or March… if your idea is fully implemented and is running in your business by mid-month, then sure move on to the next one.

The goal is not to roll into December thinking about all the things you NEVER got around to in 2010.  Write one idea you are committed to in the comments section below!  Put it out there!  What’s going to be different this year in your recruiting firm?