The World’s LARGEST Recruiting Seminar & Recruiting Training Event!

NO Travel, Brought to YOU LIVE in Your Office FREE March 19-22, 2013

The Recruiting Firm Owner Summit is in its 4th year and I’m honored to host 8 Industry Experts in this all Virtual Conference that will address New and Emerging Trends in the Recruiting Industry!

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Here are just some of the things you’ll learn attending this virtual summit:

  • Why Your Clients will Never buy you what to do about it (Terry Edwards)
  • Inbound Marketing – Imagine getting clients WITHOUT cold calling!! (Steve Isenberg)
  • Managing the Modern Recruiter (Danny Cahill)
  • 7 Assumptions Recruiters Make That SIGNIFICANTLY Inhibit Their Success – And How  to Avoid Them (Mike Gionta)
  • Establishing Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communication (Bob Marshall)
  • Recruiting: It is Now A Contact Sport-The New Rules to Win (Doug Beabout
  • The Perm Fee Negotiations Approach You Never Use (Neil Lebovits)
  • How to Find & Identify GREAT Recruiters… & Get Them Producing NOW!  (Mike Gionta)
  • Getting Clients to Move QUICKLY in the Hiring Process, return Your Calls & Make Decisions! (Greg Doersching)

  “Mike Gionta’s  Recruiting Firm Owner Summit was a burst of new life into my recruiting process with maybe one or two unexpected surprises,

among fresh insights from each speaker. It cleared my path to new metrics, tools, methods, and results that was absolutely worth my time to listen, download, review and own the content frpm the sessions. The “freshness of the content” sparked my renewed interest, spirit and focus on improvement.”- Robert FoxI am humbled to have brought together some of the recruitment industry’s top experts like Danny Cahill, Greg Doersching, Doug Beabout, Mark Whitby, Bob Marshall, Neil Lebovits, & Terry Edwards.From March 19-22, 2013, we’ll share our tactics for making an impact and tons of income this year (and beyond).There’s no travel, no time away from the office and for the first time, I am giving access to all the sessions FR.EE.

Space is limited, so register for this recruiting seminar FREE HERE NOW!

“I hesitated signing up for the Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. I have been in search 26 years and had heard most of the speakers before. I’m glad I gave it a shot. Several of the speakers had extremely relevant and timely information, and there were dozens of creative ideas for growth and modernization of process. A great value in time for the firm owner or any senior solo recruiter. ”  – Linda Tuerk, SiliconValleySearch.com