Tips directly from day 1 of The Recruiting Firm Owner Telesummit you can use now to grow your recruiting business:

From Mike Gionta’s Keynote:

  • Create leverage in your firm by training others to run the aspects of your billing desk that are most trainable.  The hardest part of our business is the art of getting a great search assignment.  The “art” of our business is turning a prospect into a multi-hire client that works with us on an engaged or at least exclusive basis.
  • Hire someone to market for you…. even part-time to develop leads for you to convert into searches.  This frees up time for you to grow your business and/or expose yourself to more business opportunities.

From Gary Stauble on Raising Revenue 25%:

  • When hiring a recruiting researcher that is just out of school, have written, well prepared scripts for them to follow.
  • For people interested in hiring a researcher, part time is often best.  Tap into retiring baby boomers.  Provide flexible hours to make the opportunity MOST attractive.

From Scott Love’s presentation on getting paid on every recruiting assignment:

  • We need to do a better job educating prospects why our efforts should require a deposit on the recruiting assignments we choose to actively search on.
  • Distinguish and explain EXACTLY what you will do, the amount of effort you will put in that will increase the likelihood that you will fill the placement with the best candidate.
  • Most prospects think that having 3 or 4 recruiters working on a search is better than having one working exclusively.  It is our job to explain why that myth is completely false!

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