Maintaining Momentum and Accountability

When I was building my recruiting firm, there was not a lot of coaching available on how to maintain momentum and effectively mentor your own team.

I went through a lot of coaching from leaders in different industries and worked on my mental approach to the business. Probably, like many of you, I am not a very confrontational person.  As a result, early in my career, I wouldn’t hold my recruiters accountable, then revenue would drift.

I hired a lot of decently talented people who tremendously underperformed based on my leadership.

When I finally got clarity on that, I decided I’m going to stop pushing people and start pulling people.

Watch the video below to learn how to manage your recruiters to hit Their Goals, so that you can hit yours.

Click here to download our Goal Setting Exercise for Business Planning, specifically designed to help you coach your recruiters to consistently hit their revenue goals.

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