I am writing this post from Las Vegas where I am attending a two-day mastermind meeting with some of the brightest coaches, trainers, and authors in the country! Napoleon Hill describes the process of getting several minds together to create a new, bigger, and additional “mind” as the mastermind concept where the sum of the group is greater than the combined individual minds.

During this multi-day, roll-up your sleeve experience we each discuss our goals and challenges in growing our businesses and uncovering more ways to add value to our clients. The experience of having 20 other people look at my business objectively then sharing their insights and ideas is invaluable. This mastermind is part of an one-year coaching program I invested in last December. I am not even 1/2 the way through it and have received my entire investment back several fold!

As a matter of fact, I received 2 specific ideas I can bring back to my client recruiting firm owners that will add a ton more value to them in different packages I would have never considered on my own… and I still have a full session coming up today!

You see I realized that I could spend years, tens of thousands of dollars, make tons of mistakes and maybe get there myself, OR I could make an investment and learn from my coach and the mastermind group. This has significantly shortened the learning curve. What ways can you invest in your firm and shorten your learning curve?

What are ways you can shorten your learning curve? Can you leverage the experience of other recruiters, recruiter trainings, etc, while giving back your own knowledge and experience?