6a010536babee3970c012877abd177970c See the image to the left?  $50 bills blowing in the wind! That is what I see every day in many offices of recruiting firms.  Money blowing out the window in lost time.  You see to me it’s visible.  That wasn’t always the case.  I made the same mistakes as other recruiting firm owners and didn’t really KNOW the value of my time.  Not knowing this lowered its value significantly.

Today I interviewed two industry trainers Gary Stauble and Doug Beabout on how to get greater productivity in our recruiting firms.  Here are some quick tips from Gary and Doug:

  1.  Create Strategic Urgency.  Do tasks like recruit calls, marketing calls, Planning and strategic development time in 30 to 50 minute blocks using a digital timer that counts down.  When the clock goes off, move on to the next task.
  2. Have 10 minute meetings with your recruiters once per week where they have answers to predetermined questions in advance of the meeting.  Questions like:
  • What have I accomplished the past 7 days?
  • What are my challenges now?
  • What are my opportunities?
  • What am I committed to the next 7 days?

Then coach them around the answers to help them implement their new ideas.

3.  Hire a researcher, even in tough times, to take the $5 to $10 per hour activities that are keeping you from what you do best which is the interaction with your recruited candidates and clients.

  • This can be a part or full time person
  • They will leverage your time and do things you are probably putting off!

These were just a few of the ideas I took from these two speakers.  You can get free access to this interview HERE.  Both Gary and Doug are being featured as part of the world’s first Recruiting Firm Owner Virtual Telesummit March 8th thru 12th designed specifically around the needs of recruiting firm owners.