This Video is of 8 year old Kevin Fay, who happens to be a great kid I coach in our Local Little League.  In addition to coaching, I am the league’s president.  Kevin called me back in March after having gone to the Hartford Children’s Hospital for a Brain Scan.   While resting they told him to read a book from their library.  He noticed the shelves were almost bare.  He asked where all the books were and the hospital told him they couldn’t afford more books right now.  So Kevin asked if he and his parents could coordinate a book drive through our little league.  While I sent out some notices to inform the parents, Kevin and his family did the “heavy lifting” of managing the process, collecting the books, counting and categorizing them.

We collected over 6,000 books by the time it was all done.  So, how does this tie into recruiting?  Well, if I didn’t own a recruiting firm that had systems and strategies in place,  I would not have the flexible schedule to be able to coach 2 teams and run a league with over 400 kids and 100 volunteers.  Putting the right systems in place allows this recruiting firm to run smoothly without me.   What would need to be in place for your business to run without you? offers programs to take you through a step by step process to implement this for yourself.  Email to learn more about “unshakeling” yourself from your recruiting firm.