I want to share with you a big takeaway, an ah-ha lesson that David Neagle, one of my mentors, shared at his Art of Success Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a phenomenal exercise on the mindset of why we do not do certain things we want to do. If that sounds like you, grab a pen and a piece of paper and complete these five simple steps. 

Step 1: Identify 

I want you to take an inventory of everything you want in your business. They come up for you under desire, growing your revenue, getting more retainers, hiring, hiring a researcher, etc. List them all without editing or judgment. That is the first step—audit everything you want in your business.  You can do it in your personal life, too, by the way.     

Step 2:  Focus 

Circle the top four. It does not mean they cannot all get done, but I want you to circle the top four.     

Step 3:  Prioritize 

Which one will have the most significant impact on you and your business? View this from the standpoint of the one you desire the most, and that is where you start.  

Step 4:  Label Excuses 

Step 4 is to write out all the excuses, the things you say to yourself about why you do not have it, why you have not started, or why you procrastinate. Do not beat yourself up here. We all have them. Let’s say you desire a million-dollar office.  What are all the excuses? Hiring people is too hard. Nobody wants to work hard. It takes too much time to train.  It is too expensive.  That is just an example of an inventory.  First of all, all those excuses are BS.  They are just that – excuses.     

Pay somebody, and I will make up a number, $75,000 in salary and commission to produce $250,000 in your office off your desk.  You are giving out $1 to make $4. How can you ever say that is expensive?     

Step 5:  Overcome 

Then the fifth step is to write new causes, meaning further actions that you will take to overcome those stories.     

That was not as impactful for me as seeing all the excuses I wrote down for some of the things I wanted to do.  Seeing the little chatter in your head in writing, on paper in front of you, actually in my mind, I am like, that is complete BS.  I cannot believe this is what is holding me back.     

I wanted to share this with you all today because maybe you will get a similar impact, and perhaps this will help you get a little bit out of some of the areas where there is strong desire but maybe some procrastination or stuck-ness.  So again, that is the lesson for today.      

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