Are you entering December expecting things to “slow down”? You have taught yourself that business is slow this time of year.  Let’s unwind this LIE that costs you thousand in lost revenue in your business! 

When I started coaching recruiting firm owners I thought I knew what was holding most back from growing their recruiting business…

Frankly, I was WRONG! Thank goodness I quickly figured it out… the transformations I have witnessed since have been nothing short of remarkable! 

Do you want to learn what I learned?

I hear the same thing every year around this time.  “Mike, it’s the holidays, NO ONE is hiring/leaving/giving new job orders this time of year.”


Let me let you in on a little secret…

It’s not your client base that is slowing down, it is probably YOU and/or your recruiters that are slowing down!

Don’t let this fallacy spread around your office,

You are only enabling yourself AND your recruiters to much weaker performance than is necessary.  Sure, some decision making may be a bit interrupted, but people don’t suspend their growth plans in December.

Need proof?  I have tracked my key performance metrics for over 21 years.  Our marketing presentation to job order ratio and our recruit presentation to 1st time interview ratio remained the same. It has even IMPROVED in December.

 Let’s look at some of the reasons why. 

  1. Many candidates that are due bonuses at year end want to leave once they cash their bonus check in December or January.  The time to recruit them is NOW.
  1. Especially this year, I am hearing of more companies with active plans for expansion next year.  They are giving job orders now, or at the very least will tell you what they are looking for that is awaiting final approval for the new year.
  1. Your competitors in the recruiting industry are going into hibernation between Thanksgiving and New Year’s because they are living the self-fulfilling prophecy that December is slow.

In contrast, for most of our clients, business is up significantly and most are busy right now.  If you don’t have an abundance of assignments, bluntly, it is probably YOUR FAULT!   It’s time to get aggressive.  The next few weeks can be phenomenal in building momentum into 2024!

If 2023 has not shaped up the way you would like it, if you didn’t stick to your business plan (or didn’t even write one???), if your business isn’t producing consistent predictable revenue, and/or if you are generally frustrated in your business right now I invite you to imagine what an outstanding year would look like for you.  

What would you bill?  What precisely would this billing level allow that you do NOT have right now? 

If you want help and some specific ideas on growing your business, I am offering you FREE (with a refundable deposit) access toTime Management for Recruiters the 3 Day Challenge to Discover How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Make 2024 Your Best Year Ever… 

You’ll roll up your sleeves, work ON your business and leave with your 2024 business plan completed! 

My experience with those that are TRULY motivated to grow their business is that they often lack the right AND proven “path” to get them there.  If you are PASSIONATE about building your business in 2024 and you lack a step-by-step system for how to build a recruiting firm the RIGHT way… 

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Get 2024 Off to a GREAT Start!


  • The Business Development strategies that are working in a soft economy to get new clients (who are willing to give you engaged searches and even money upfront!)
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