QUESTION: I am terrible at consistently using my CRM/ATS system. I have notices on pieces of paper and key phone calls in my calendar. I struggle with finding a CRM/ATS that is simple to use and has the right amount of detail. Any suggestions on what to look for and how to get in the habit of using it consistently to plan daily activities? – Colleen

Utilizing Your CRM or ATS

Most recruiters utilize about 10% of the CRM’s capability. Instead of getting hung up using 100% or even 50% of its capability, you want a friendly, organized system for capturing your data. 

I am going to date myself. When I got into this business, computerization was brand new, and I was working my first year or two off 3 x 5 cards, datasheets, files, and stapled resumes. 

When you do not use an Applicant Tracking System, you lose out on potential placements. You cannot search within zip codes, area codes, counties, job titles, etc., and find resumes with a particular skill set. Executing these types of searches might provide you a $20,000 fee for an investment of $100 a month for a CRM.  

Creating Consistency

Clients constantly come to me admitting they lack discipline in their businesses. My response is always, “No, you are disciplined. You are disciplined to your existing set of bad habits.”

Fortunately, developing a habit is as simple as implementing a system. The easiest way to implement a system around data entry in your ATS is to hire somebody to enter it for you. 

For example, Capture the information while you are on the phone on a data sheet by either handwriting it or typing directly onto a template on your computer. Then, you can either scan or upload your sheets to a shared folder and send it off to a virtual admin to complete the data entry for you. 

The Art of Delegation

Once you outsource data entry, you will have the capability to continue to offload administrative tasks to your virtual assistant. There are two significant challenges I see most solo recruiters and recruiting firm owners have while delegating.  

1) They think it’s expensive.

2) They think no one can do “it” (whatever needs delegating) better than them.

The BIG challenge with ANY delegation is the false belief that “I do it better and more efficiently than anyone else.” For example, prepping resumes is, at best, a $15-20 an hour activity. Each recruit conversation is worth about $200. Get one more RP in the hour you were prepping resumes, and it now yields you a 10x ROI. 

You will spend some duplicate time walking the VA through your process during the training phase. Make sure you inspect their work tightly in the first few delegations. You will be blown away by how quickly they come up to speed, and you will kick yourself for not doing this earlier!

For more information on effective delegation, check out our recent blog, How to Determine Exactly What to Delegate.

Recruit CRM

If you have additional questions about which CRM is right for you or how to utilize your ATS best, book a call with our partners at Recruit CRM. Recruit CRM is an all-in-one ATS + CRM software for recruitment and headhunting firms. They are on a mission to help recruitment firms grow faster with cutting-edge technology. 

Recruit CRM helps recruiters do everything from sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, sending emails, setting up interviews, creating reminders, collecting updated CVs, and recording feedback from clients. They are the highest-rated product in the recruitment software category across all major review boards. Our clients have even raved about their customer service.

An excellent question, thank you.

How to Reclaim Lost Time and Money Through Delegation

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