We’re getting a lot of questions about what to do in case there’s an economic downturn later this year, 2022, or early 2023. As I record this, just metaphors. A lot of our friends in Florida, especially on the West Coast, are just about to experience or are beginning to experience the effects of our hurricane.

Well, a few days ago when they got the warning, it was a beautiful sunny day in Florida, right? So if you looked outside and you said there’s a storm coming, you looked outside, it’s in the eighties and it’s sunny out. If that’s all you used to gauge your prep, you would’ve never evacuated.

You would’ve never boarded up, You would’ve never done the things necessary to escape that storm. And similarly, right now, if you look outside in the recruiting world the. Job orders are plenty. Candidates are still tough to get. All those things are absolutely true. So now’s the time. If there is a downturn, we don’t know for sure.

There are some things you can do to prepare and I’m gonna give you one real simple quick tip right now. Looking at historic recessions, other than 2008-2009, which was really a deep financial crisis. No one anticipates this. Plan for 50% more marketing activity and 25% more recruiting activity to maintain your same level of production.

It’s literally that simple.

The mistake most people make when a downturn begins is they stop marketing. They stop investing in their business, and it just has a huge downward spiral. So I just wanted to make that real quick tip. Studying historical analysis of metrics over the past several recessions, discounting ’08-09, 50% more marketing, 25% more recruiting to maintain your revenue.

We’re running an event, you can click on the link below in mid-October for three days, Creating Certainty in an Uncertain Recruiting Economic Environment. So there is a way to create certainties, and the number one thing is we’re gonna teach you how to use the numbers in a really productive way, so it’s only $49, and will see you at the event,

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Thanks, bye now.

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