Aside from a virtual assistant, I lack organization and leverage. From Ronya.

A lack of organization is tied to procrastination and a lack of leverage. The #1 leverage point if you are a solo operator, is a researcher. A researcher will give you back four to five hours a day typically. 

When I see a lack of organization, that is generally an indicator of a lack of clarity of the outcomes that you want. One of the things, we teach in our program, one of the first things, is the importance of clarity of vision. I will give you some bullet points here, Ronya, to get started. 

Lack of Organization = Lack of Clarity of Desire

If I were diagnosing right now, I would ask, do you have a revenue number mapped out for 2023? We are in month 7. Do you have a crystal-clear goal on what that number is, how you’re tracking, and are you really, really clear that if you hit that revenue goal, what that will allow for you in your life that you do not have now? Meaning I am going to be able to eliminate debt, I will be able to buy a bigger home, I’ll be able to put money away for my kids’ college or retirement, whatever that is. There is no judgment.

Are you clear on how that revenue number will serve you after you pay your business bills and income taxes? A lot of times, people cannot answer that question. They are not crystal clear.

Let’s say you need – I am making this number up – $150,000 in revenue – to pay all of your bills, personally and professionally. That is not going to be a lot of luxury, but “you will get by.” But you have said, “I want to bill $300,000,” but you have not mapped out where that additional $150,000 will go. In my experience, recruiters who are not clear on where to allocate the extra income are simply happy as long as they pay their bills. It is part of how the brain works.

Your Brain Doesn’t Want What’s Best for You – It Wants to Protect You

Your subconscious brain (this is the whoo-whoo stuff); your subconscious brain is designed to protect you, not to help you thrive. So, whatever you did yesterday that didn’t kill you, or whatever your pattern is that you have developed, if you’re still alive, your subconscious does not want to break that pattern, even though growing your revenue and growing your company would be the best thing for you potentially. 

If you are not organized, (1) are you crystal clear on the outcome and where you are going? If you say, yeah, I am, then my next question is, (2) do you know exactly, specifically, and precisely what needs to happen every month, every week, and every day when you go to work for that number to materialize? For any person who passed through those first two hurdles, that is where 99% fall through. Because if you are clear on those things, organization is basically created in a vacuum.

What do I mean by that? I am crystal clear I want $300,000 in billing. I am crystal clear that if I bill that, after taxes, I will be able to put $50,000 away for retirement, $10,000 a year for my kids’ schooling, I will take these vacations to these specific places. Great, great, great, you checked all those boxes. It means you must bill $25,000 a month. At $25,000 a month, do you know what you have to do? Typically, no. 

ESP – Exactly, Specifically, Precisely

But you should. So, $25,000 a month, let’s use an average fee of $25,000. I can do that math in my head. It is simple, and I have done it a lot. It is one placement a month. Okay. What has to happen? If there are 22 working days in a month, and I make a placement on one of those days, how do I know I’m successful on the other 21 of those 22 working days?

I know I am successful because a placement equals anywhere from 4 to 8 interviews. The way we teach it, to be conservative, it takes 8 interviews to make a placement. Then you need 8 interviews per month to make 1 placement. So, I arrange 2 interviews every week, I am on track for $300,000.

How many candidates do you have to talk to to get 2 first time interviews a week? That is the level of granularity you need. Let’s say you need to speak to 15 candidates to get 1 to go on an interview. That means you have to talk to 30 throughout the week or 6 per day. 

Let’s say you work straight contingency for every four job orders that you take and start working on, you fill 1 of them. You need a job order per week. Okay, that is maybe 15 marketing conversations.

Alright, that is 3 marketing conversations and 6 recruiting conversations per day. Now I can get organized because I need to be plan to have 6 recruiting conversations and 3 marketing conversations every day. 

Are our clients that perfect? No way. But They’re Close.

But they will average 30 recruiting presentations per week and 15 per week on the marketing side because they know at a soul and cellular level that at 2 interviews per week, and at 45 conversations a week combined, they are going to be at $300,000, or whatever their number is when they do the math. 

That is how you get organized. You get organized around the outcome goal. What has to be true for me if I want to be organized? If it’s Friday afternoon and I want to get ready for next week, what has to be true for me to get my interviews next week? What has to be true for me to talk to 30 candidates next week? What has to be true for me to be able to talk to 15 marketing prospects?

You build your plan around that. 

That may be more than you were looking for. Still, based on your question, which is a very common one, when people say they lack discipline, when they say they are not organized, when they are unmotivated, the root of that is lack of clarity of desire. 

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