A few weeks back, one of our Inner Circle members asked, “What are some best practices for new business development?” The short answer was Activity Cures All. A specific action you can take to increase BD is to implement The Recruiting Power Hour.

Increasing the activity on your desk is the key to increasing the number of 1st-time interviews you schedule and ultimately growing your income predictably and measurably. The action we’re interested in increasing is the number of verbal conversations with both prospective clients and candidates (MPs and RPs, respectively). 

[We break this down into a three-step process in our blog, How to Get Quality Openings Despite Economic Uncertainty.]

But, sometimes, our teams (this likely includes you if you’re still on a desk) need a little more motivation than a three-step process. This is why we ran an event called The Recruiting Power Hour for our clients and their recruiters.  

The Recruiting Power Hour Rules

The Power Hour, very simply, is one hour during the work day dedicated exclusively to old-school phone work. For this one hour, the construct was to show up with a list of people, candidates, and/or clients you want to get in touch with.

We did it on a Wednesday from 11:30 to 12:30 Eastern time, and the only requirement was they showed up with a list. The average client had a list of about 35 people. We had a five to seven-minute intro. Everyone got on the phone, and we had a 10-minute debrief. People were on the phone for about 40 minutes.  

I want to share this with our Inner Circle members because you could do this if you are a solo operator on your desk, and you can do this with your company if you are running a firm. 

The Recruiting Power Hour Results

The results were remarkable. The average number of attempts in those 40 minutes of phone time was about 28. The average number of conversations, actual conversations, not voicemails, was 5. The group consisted of roughly 50 recruiters, so a pretty good-sized sample.

The Recruiting Power Hour Impact

We studied metrics with our clients, up and down, left to right. To have a $300,000 desk is probably 10 to 12 conversations per day, combined marketing and recruiting, depending on the recruiter. In 40 minutes, the average person did half of what they would need to do in a day on a $300,000 desk. 

The ah-ha’s were amazing: 

Why don’t I do this more often? 

It was great not allowing myself to be distracted.  

The Recruiting Power Hour Logistics

If you have a virtual office, put everyone in a Zoom room. We muted all the lines. One of our other coaches, the one who brainstormed this, Dion Bowden, he and I were in the background. We did not take questions. We did some encouraging. He and I were watching all the screens, and it was just amazing to see people old school smiling and dialing.

In just 40 minutes, recruiters took job orders, arranged interviews, and uncovered new candidates. It was absolutely amazing.  

Why do I say all that? 

Uncover a way to put together a list of 35 people; I know you can because it’s relatively simple. Start scheduling a power hour in your day. Maybe even just three days a week to start. For that one hour, you allow no distractions. 

Do not check your email.

Do not send texts. 

You commit one hour of your time to a single focused activity. I would like to have you guys and gals develop that muscle. Imagine if you could do almost half the productivity you needed in 40 minutes to bill $300,000 in consistent revenue! Why wouldn’t you do it five days a week? Why wouldn’t you do it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon?  

Time is Abundant

Think about it. Schedule just two hours, an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, with nothing but focused outbound calls based on your research and the list you have put together. That gives you six hours a day to prep, close, debrief, grow or manage your team. Time is abundant that way. 

If you want to join us for that journey, click here to complete a short survey and tell us if you are ready to scale your business or grow your billings. If you are a solo operator, is it time to scale your business without working more hours? Or is your vision to build a firm that can run and grow without you there? 

Click the link, complete the application, and someone on my team will follow up with you to have a no-pressure conversation to see if or how we can help you do that. If one thing is certain, we will incorporate these Power Hours more regularly.

Recruiting Power Hour
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