How were the call lists generated for the recruiting power hour? Were they vetted? – Tim

The Recruiting Power Hour, very simply, is one hour during the work day dedicated exclusively to old-school phone work. For this hour, the construct is to show up with a list of people, candidates, and/or clients you want to get in touch with. 

We outlined the process in our blog, The Recruiting Power Hour: How to Increase Predictive Revenue

I don’t know how our clients generated each of their lists. That is a great question, Tim. The requirement was that they come to the call with a list of 50 names and phone numbers simply because I did not want them to run out of contacts. 

Most of our clients outsource their research. Doing your own research in 2022 is the most expensive thing you can do in your company. If you do your own research instead of hiring a research company, you’re leaving money on the table. You’re doing a $10/hr task when your time is likely worth at least $150/hr. Frankly, your probably not doing it as well as a research company that can generate 500-700 names, phone numbers, and emails a week, if not more. There is a process to get comfortable with outsourcing, but once they are up and running, you’ll see the return on investment.   

Check out our partner’s page to schedule a demo with some trusted research partners.

In terms of validation, I am sure there were some bad numbers on the lists. But here is the whole thing. This is the feedback we got, Tim, because it is an excellent question. Again, most of our clients use researchers, so specific systems are in place to develop and vet their lists. But we did not have them double-check their list. 

The overall feedback at the end of the 40 minutes when they hung up the phone was oh my God, I had no idea that just preparing a list and only allowing myself to do that would make me so productive. Again, there were over 50 recruiters who participated. I am not talking about a few brilliant people who were just spot on. 

After that meeting, many of our clients implemented Recruiting Power Hours as a team, once or twice a week. Some of them do it once a day, and they have seen productivity go through the roof. We continue to receive feedback like: 

I implemented the power hour, and immediately presentations went up.

When presentations go up, first-time interviews go up, and if you follow me on metrics, you cannot have more first-time interviews without having more placements in the same ratio. If your first-time interviews go up 25%, your billings go up 25%. 

In sum, I do not know how well they vetted their lists. My gut feeling, knowing my clients, is not well. They did not come with perfect lists.   

But what I would invite you to do, Tim, and everyone, is set this up for maybe tomorrow at the end of your day. Do not do this now. At the end of your day, plan to put together a list of 50 people. It could be a combination of a couple of searches. It could be marketing campaigns. Just make sure you have phone numbers. Do not worry about if they are good or bad. Because if they are bad, you will hang up and move on to the next one. 

Once you see the results you can achieve in under an hour, then invest in the support and the systems that will allow you to make more presentations in less time.

An excellent question, thank you.

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